Monday, 9 March 2015

Visit Britain!!

So far we have read a few things about Britain. Which place would you like to visit the most and why? Leave your ideas here. Maybe we can organise a trip!!


  1. Trafalgar Square
    It is one of the most important and lively squares of central London. It was created in 1830 to commemorate the victory of the British army against the Spanish and French.
    In the center of the square stands majestically Nelson's Column, almost 50 meters high, is crowned by a height of Admiral Nelson and surrounded by four large lions.
    This square is bustling and crowded at any time of day.

  2. Hever Castle

    The oldest part of this castle was builded in 1270, but other parts were builded as a house for Ane Boleyn and her family.

    Experts say that this is one of the most beautiful country houses in the UK, was the epicenter of the love story between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and its owners must keep it open to the public to see this small place's beauty.

    One of the magnificent features of this castle are its gardens, within which a beautiful hedge maze, where you can play for hours and there is also an Italian garden where you can enjoy beautiful pieces of Roman architecture stands out. Inside the fort there is a fabulous lake where you can browse or flipping through your bank, enriching the ride with a bit of nature.

  3. Hyde Park.

    With more than 140 hectares of extension, Hyde Park is the biggest park of the London centre.

    Hyde Park is considered the oldest park of the city and since its creation has been scene of duels, protests and concerts. Since several years ago, the brithish citizens celebrate Real House's anniversay shooting 41 blank cannon shot at noon.

    Besides one can go for a walk among its green paths and forget about the madding crowd, other activities are possible too: sunbathes, ride a bike, footing, skating, ...

    One of the favourite activity as much as tourist as londoners is to rent a rowboat at the centre lake called Serpentine, a small oasis where a small acuatic fauna inhabits.

    Speakers Corner is placed at Hyde Park's northeast corner. It is a very odd place where sundays morning diverse characters -orators and bizarres- meet together to speach about several themes, as much religious as politics. It is a great spectacle where people go to listen, to clap or to jeer.

  4. The Tower Bridger is drawbridge placed in London and cross the Tamesis river. It is close to the London Tower.
    The Bridge is kept for Bridge House Staton, a company without aim of profit and under the protection of “London Corporation”, the London Council.
    In 1876 a Special Commitee was created to find a solution for the river cross, a competition was called to close the design of the future bridge.

  5. The place where the two houses of Parliament in the UK, the House of Commons and the House of Lords, meet – the Palace of Westminster – is an iconic structure which represents the oldest democracy of the world. This historic building of the ‘House of Parliament’ is a unique display of Gothic style architecture and is the center of political activities in the UK.

    The site of the Palace of Westminster is of great importance since the Middle Ages. Unfortunately, the 700-year-old historic building was destroyed in a massive fire in 1834, and the present structure of the House of Parliament was rebuilt between 1840 and 1870. Architect Sir Charles Barry designed the new Palace in Gothic style; he included parts of the old structure, the Westminster Hall and the St. Stephens Chapel which survived the fire. During the Second World War, some parts of the Palace were severely damaged due to bombing and had to be rebuilt.

    Besides these, the smaller gardens such as the Victoria garden which surrounds the palace, are also open to the public and are visited by tourists.

    The Palace has separate entrance for the royal family and for the members of Parliament.

  6. The London Eye:

    The London Eye is a very famous place in London, England. You can call this monument Millenium Wheel. It’s very tall, it’s 135 metres high. If you go to the top of the treadmill in one of its capsules, you can see a lot of things:

    1. Big Ben
    2. The House of Parliament
    3. The Támesis river
    4. Buckingham


    The London Eye counts with 32 cabins.


    It was constructed in 1999. The London Eye, moves 26 metres per second and it spend 30 minutes for complete a way.

    Brais Bello Guimarey Nº3 1ºB E.S.O.

  7. Surrounded by a splendid circle of 3.2 kilometers of Roman and medieval walls, Chester is a rare and truly magical blend of ancient and traditional elements with modern cosmopolitan sophistication.

    You can see there: Chester Cathedral, the zoo, the Roman walls ...

    Chester Cathedral is located in the heart of the city, opposite the City of Chester, and along the walls of Roman origin surrounding the city. Its huge size, due to the significant role played during the passage of time makes it visible from almost any point in the city since its imposing tower rises above any other building in the center.

    Cheese is very tyipical in Chester.

    Chester Cathedral is history, pride and traditiion of Chester.

    Jorge López Iglesias Nª15 1ªB E.S.O.

  8. Canterbury Cathedral, seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury. It is both a sacred place and Heritage. The constructor of the cathedral of Canterbury was Archbishop Lanfranc, and was designed by Duke William in 1070. The Cathedral is one of the most important centers of Christian pilgrimage, because there is the tomb of St. Thomas Becket.

  9. Almost 1,000 years ago, William the Conqueror used this forest as a hunting ground deer and wild boar; today includes 4,000 ponies, cattle and deer that past in these ancient forests freely.

    It is a great natural area of southern England which houses green areas formed by forests, pastures and heaths typical of the area, covering the subdivisions of the southwest Hampshire and Wiltshire on the south side. Another of the main attractions in New Forest are very traditional in the region ponies and together with the vegetation make a nice ecological and natural landscape.

    The summit of the New Forest is located 125 meters above sea level and the highest point in the area is Piper's Wait; the total area of 571 km² reaches space. Currently New Forest has the degree of "Protected Natural Park" since 2005 and is owned and run by the New Forest National Park Authority.

  10. Harrods is a store located in London, her founder is Charles Henry Harrod.
    The motto of the company is , " Omnia Omnibus Ubique ', its first branch outside the UK was in Buenos Aires in 1914

  11. Hampton Court Palace

    Hampton Court Palace was the palace of Henry VIII. It has many gardens. It is located in Richmond upon Thames , Greater London . This palace was built in 1514.
    Hampton Court Palace has a caption that says, was long believed that the spirit of Catherine Howard, one of the wives of Henry VIII , roams throughout. This girl was brutally murdered in the Tower of London by express order of her husband.