Thursday, 29 January 2015

British ghosts

We have been studying several aspects related to British culture, and one of them are ghosts. Read what our students have found out about them. Don't be scared!!


  1. Anne Boleyn borns in 1501 and married Henry in 1533.
    She had four pregnancies but only one survived, Elisabeth.
    She had a lot of lovers, and this was the reason of Henry to executed her lovers and her in the Tower of London.
    They was married 3 years.

  2. I was looking for information about...
    William Terris was a very important and famous actor. In 1897, he died stabbed in the famous theatre Liceo of London and his last words were: "Someday, I'll be back on this stage."
    Some years later, after his physical disappearance, the people in the theatre sayed that they heard steps and knocking in the corridors.
    But 30 years after his death, in 1928, many witnesses sayed that they saw William Terris in a figure between physical and ghostly that materialized to attack an actress who was preparing to go on stage in her dressing room.

    Also he's seen walking by Convent Garden Underground Station, where he likes to annoy the staff.